Don't let accounting catch-up work hold you back.

Get your restaurant's financials up to date and back on track.

According to recent studies, approximately 25% of restaurant owners are behind on their bookkeeping. Cirrus Consulting understands the challenges restaurant owners face when it comes to managing finances and offers expert assistance to get their financials back on track

How It Works

The first step can feel like the hardest. We’re here to make it easier.

Catch-up accounting work involves getting your restaurant’s financials up to date when they have fallen behind. This typically involves reviewing and reconciling bank statements, credit card statements, and other financial records to identify any discrepancies or errors. Cirrus Consulting’s team of experts can help you with this process by identifying and correcting any issues and bringing your financial records up to date quickly and accurately. Once your financials are up to date, they can provide valuable insights into your restaurant’s financial performance, enabling you to make informed decisions about the future of your business.

Accounting catch-up services - your financial health is our top priority

Cirrus Consulting understands how overwhelming accounting tasks can be for restaurant owners and is dedicated to providing expert assistance to ensure financial success


What Our Customers Think


Switching over from doing the books myself to having xendoo handle everything has been incredible.

Molly B.


They respond quickly to any questions I have and they are excellent with business taxes and filing.

Sandra L.


The service has been awesome and their team is readily available to answer any questions that arise.

Salomon W.

Get the financial support you need without breaking the bank

With their flexible plans, you can choose the services you need and only pay for what you use, allowing you to maximize your financial resources and focus on growing your restaurant. 

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